Sortie en salle de notre film “Entre deux trains” le 10 novembre 2021 (informations)

Notre film “Entre deux trains” sélectionné au 11è Festival 2 Valenciennes, le 29-09-2021

Notre film “Entre deux trains” sélectionné au 9è Festival Cinétoiles à Semur-en-Auxois, le 22-09-2021

Notre film “Entre deux trains” sélectionné au 18è Festival d’AGDE, le 18-09-2021

Sortie en salle de “Entre deux trains” reportée à Septembre 2021… Encore un peu d’attente 😉

Sélection de “Entre deux trains” dans l’édition 2021 du prestigieux 38è FAJR en IRAN

Notre film “Entre deux trains” sélectionné au 51è IFFI GOA (Inde) Rdv le 16 janvier 2021 !

Très belle année 2021 ! Beaucoup de bonheur, de joie et de réussite dans tous vos projets !

Prix “Best Performance” pour Pierre Rochefort au Girona Film Festival pour son interprétation dans Long Time No See

Protocole de déconfinement chez Prodigima > Toutes les informations

Pétition en soutien aux intermittent•e•s, #victimesduconfinement Signer la pétition

Aide COVID-19 aux professionnel•le•s intermittent•e•s Plus d’informations sur le site d’Audiens


Profitez du confinement pour voir notre documentaire Food Markets, in the belly of the city Toulouse – Sur

Projection de Long Time No See le 10 novembre 2019 au Festival de la Baule


Prodigima is a production company that develops and produces television and film content. In collaboration with authors and directors, it develops original programmes for national and international channels and also for the cinema. Its editorial line is eclectic and constantly seeks to combine originality with boldness. Aware of the changing demands of the public and broadcasters, Prodigima is regularly present on international audiovisual markets in search of new formats and creative people. Whether for fiction, documentary, short programmes, series or individual projects, each story has its own format and distribution potential.

In 2016, she co-produced a 52-minute documentary with FR3 Occitanie. In 2014 and 2015, Prodigima Films co-produced with Stefilm a documentary as part of the series “In the belly of the City”, on the Victor Hugo market in Toulouse for the ARTE, RAI1 and ZDF channels. Many short films have been made since 2009, including the films “Woods”, selected at the Cinedans Festival in Amsterdam 2015, and DO ME HARD, in co-production with France 2. In 2018, Prodigima co-produced a first feature film (with Pierre Rochefort and Laëtitia Eïdo) with Almano Films.

Based in Toulouse, our production and post-production laboratory allows us to explore new formats and new technologies (VR, 360°,…) but also to experiment with them and include them in creative processes.
Our technical collaborators work actively in this field and we support them in their research and creation.

Multidisciplinary shows are our playground. We have been producing and directing projects combining theatre and cinema since 2009. To do this, we work with the company L’An 01 and develop original shows for the biggest national stages.


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