We are experts in communication and technical and scientific popularization. We support you throughout your audiovisual projects to define together the best possible strategy. Our experts meet your needs to provide you with quality media . Together we look for the best speech adapted to your target


Strategy & Advice


Analysis of existing tools
Training and support
Audiovisual integration


Website creation
Community management


Tool design
Redesign and enrichment


Photo studio

tips & support

what’s this?

Calling on us for support and advice in communication means being accompanied in your project by a expert in the field . He sets up a communication plan with you and manages the various service providers necessary for its realization.

targets & destination

The communication support and advice can apply just as well to your internal communication as to your external communication. This service is offered to any company wishing to communicate on a project, product, service and not having internal skills to do so but also time to take care of it.

dissemination and issues

We support your teams to accompany you but also to propose, set up and manage a communication project according to your needs. We popularize a subject for you in order to make it understandable to the desired target.

Examples of projects

support atv-cc


Prodigima has been commissioned by CNES for the production and production of an original idea, proposed by our communication department. Our team proposed the production of a Web-documentary, web book type, to present the ATV-CC, control center of the ATV, ISS European tanker cargo ship. Accessible via the Internet, this web-documentary allowed us to compile several years of information on the ATV (reports, articles, photographs, films, computer graphics, etc.)
Our team realized the entire work, from the web-design to the realization of the content. A beautiful, lasting memory of the ATV adventure.

support iasi-ng


Prodigima has been commissioned by CNES to produce communication materials related to the IASI-NG mission. Our team accompanied the project team in the reflection around communication tools by proposing solutions that are both effective and innovative. We have also advised it in popularizing the scientific discourse in order to make it both accessible to the scientific community but also to the general public.


tool analysis & advice / expertise

Entrust the Prodigima team with the analysis of existing tools in your infrastructure.
Because an outside and new look is better than preconceived ideas and random experiences.
Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the means put in place by your services, their relevance, the impact on your targets, the quality of the image you convey.
Through this assessment, our experts will recommend solutions to bring your brand image to the peak of its glory.

the analysis is on

• the means of production of your communication tools
• the use of the media in your campaigns
• the media use of your image on social networks
• the communicational organization of your structure
• the means implemented for the existing production

advice will focus on

• optimization of production resources
• your ability to have usable media at key moments
• strategic organization via networks and Internet tools
• solutions to improve the performance of content creation
• viral strategy solutions and deployments of your campaigns.

training & support

Prodigima is your privileged interlocutor to quickly and calmly understand corporate audiovisual!

Whether it concerns pre-production means, production means or distribution means, our experts are at your service to train, advise, guide or troubleshoot your employees.
Through a meeting with our experts, you will explain the difficulties encountered or the performance requirements you are aiming for.
In the form of practical work sessions, our team will help your projects, will be able to train and deliver the keys to success in all production professions and will be able to transmit the codes and techniques of our profession.

No longer suffer the inconveniences of unfinished or unmanaged audiovisual productions! We’re here to help.

Depending on your needs and your level of knowledge, our technicians are at your disposal to fulfill your ambitions or introduce you to the most basic audiovisual tasks: production (image rights , legal, social etc.) Shooting (shooting, lighting, sound recording) Post-production (file management, computer graphics, editing, color grading, mixing, exports and compression) Broadcasting (format management, conformation, exploitation , broadcast etc.)

integration of audiovisual in communication

Project promotion

We support you in defining your strategy for internal and external communication . Our team will be able to offer you concrete and immediate solutions to enhance your products or services. Creative people at your disposal for writing your annual strategies, your specifications etc.

Communication medium

We help you build a graphic style specific to your company or to renew the existing one. Our employees are at your disposal and at your service to make all your wishes come true. Whether it’s occasional or long-term support, Prodigima is at your service.

Creation and evolution
of your visual identity

Prodigima is at your service and at your service for the development or redesign of your graphic charter, adapted to your company and your values. Because each company has its own vision of things, our experts know how to adapt, merge and carry their science and creativity with your eyes!

web & digitalisation

what’s this ?

Web design: creation or redesign of your showcase and / or e-commerce site. We support you in choosing the audiovisual content that will enrich your site.

Community management: setting up tools and helping them get started. We define together the possibilities of audiovisual content that looks like you to feed your publications.

targets & destination

Support and web creation is intended for companies of all sizes wishing to create or rethink their website or their use of social networks and not having the human resources or the time to make it happen.

dissemination and issues

Creation and redesign of your website.
Enrichment of it with relevant and quality audiovisual content in accordance with corporate image.

Valuation of your products and / or services on the web.

Creation and animation of a community.

We create your showcase and / or e-commerce website by bringing you added value on its multimedia and audiovisual content

Together, we define a graphic strategy but also the photo and video content that will enrich your site. We mainly work with open source solutions, so you can easily update your content on your own if you wish. Among our employees, developers offer you tailor-made solutions by combining our eye and our creativity with their technical expertise. Our partnership with a web marketing agency allows us to offer you a complete offer to shine on the web. The combination of unique design and content with a solid marketing strategy is the key to success for your website. We also offer a community management solution by supporting you in the management and handling of your social networks but also by offering you attractive, interactive and quality audiovisual content to animate your community.

Examples of projects

les terroirs du chef


Prodigima was in charge of producing and developing the e-commerce website Les Terroirs du Chef. From a powerful CMS, the communication team imagined, designed, developed and coded the website from start to finish.

The demand was for the creation of an online store, with different types of customers, different products for each type of customer and a back-end for the customer to control orders.




Prodigima was in charge of producing and developing the website of the new but promising Toulouse start-up U-Space. A start-up specialized in the implementation of nanosatellites.

A creation from A to Z of the website and communication tools.


graphic creations

We ask our collaborators to answer your needs graphics.

We are able to support in the creation and the redesign of your charter but also in the < span> design of communication tools (posters, flyers, business cards, goodies etc.).

In order to capter the attention of your audience during conferences, meetings or for internal distribution, we graphically resume your powerpoint and keynote presentations to make them attractive, modern and impactful.

what’s this?

Whether for the creation or redesign of your logo / charter , the design of presentation or communication tools , our collaborators bring you their expertise to meet your graphic needs.

targets & destination

Graphic design is intended for any type of business wishing reinforce consistency < strong> visual of its communication tools as a whole or when needed.

dissemination and issues

Creation, redesign, enrichment of your communication tools, whether for internal or external vocation, our experts respond creatively to your request while matching your image.

Examples of projects

graphic overhaul


Prodigima has been in charge of redesigning and designing several communication tools for ESTEVE, starting with a redesign of the logo. We also developed various communication tools for the Paris Air Show, including the creation of Kakémono, brochures and an animated presentation incorporating a 3D animation.



Prodigima was in charge of the graphic creation of print communication media: flyers, business cards, kakemono but also the website.



Prodigima is in charge of the production of communication media, powerpoint presentations, posters, motion design films, as part of the IASI-NG instrument’s mission. We also fully thought and designed the graphic universe of a game for tablets and smartphone.


Prodigima offers its services in photography.

Whether it is a photo shoot for a book or the promotion of a product or a brand, or even a campaign for a report, our photographers will be able to listen to you and will know how to bring their point of view to sublimate your desires.

The Process is simple:

• Needs study
• Quick implementation
• Styling and creation of the visual universe
• Post-production (chroma – contrast – levels and retouching )

We sublimate your desires

The images are then transmitted to you digitally or directly processed in the laboratory, according to your wishes, in prints, printing, DTP integration etc.

Depending on your needs, the assignment of copyright is implemented.
All our photographers are equipped (Canon or Nikon certified equipment) and work both outdoors and in our dedicated studio, or at home, in your environment.

Examples of projects

canards d’auzan


As part of the redesign of the communication tools of the Auzan Ducks entity, Prodigima was commissioned to produce new audiovisual tools. Thus, in parallel with the film Les Canards d’Auzan, a photographic campaign was produced to show in pictures the breeding conditions of ducks in the Gers (100% IGP Gers)

stratosciences 2018


The Strato Sciences 2018 project will have required, in addition to the film “Balloons for Science” a 3-week photo shooting campaign in Timmins, Canada, to collect the preparation, the operations and the stratospheric balloon releases. .

The Prodigima team therefore collected a large amount of photographs using CANON digital cameras dedicated to external filming and then worked to produce a photo collection dedicated to highlighting the work of CNES teams on this medium. access to unpublished space. This photo campaign is available on the CNES photo library.

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