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The process all starts with networking, we study your project during a personalized meeting to listen and define your needs. Subsequently, we write a report and write the note of intent. We proceed to a quantified study of the project and send you the final estimate. All these steps are generously offered to you without commitment. Then come production (administrative and financial aspects), filming, editing and post-production. Finally, we deliver your project in a suitable format.

Initially we will write a note of intent. It is a vital document for the smooth running of the production. It is a summary of your expectations, a summary of the idea that we propose to you and which will be transformed into a scenario, a technical description, a calendar and an estimate. Note that we never pay our notes of intentions to our customers.

of intent

/ driver

After validation of this note and the estimate, our directors or managers will use all their energy and creativity to write and offer you a scenario or a driver who will accurately and faithfully convey the message you have chosen. Then, after a few other validations, the production teams come into play.

Executive production is our internal department that manages all the logistical, administrative and financial aspects. Our production managers govern and coordinate all the hidden part of the iceberg so that your project is realized in the most optimal and most professional conditions. At Prodigima, we make it a point of honor to clarify and simplify the collaboration we have together. This is the guarantee that you are accompanied by an organization organized, serious and competent.



The technical teams are then put into action to achieve your project in the best conditions. Then comes post-production, final stages. Editors, graphic designers, composers, sound designers, voiceovers, all more creative than the others, will then give life to your production. We will propose you to follow the progress of phase of assembly via our new tool of validation of models online. This tool allows you to view our proposals, to comment live to send us your feedback and remarks and to move to the next version of your project. Once satisfied, you validate the movie from this tool and receive a download link from your program.

Finally, to complete our work on your film, we will deliver it in the medium that you want and best suited to its use. This transfer is usually done via an FTP transfer, our Cloud or via a physical support for Masters in native format.


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