Prodigima offers technical means for the Event and all types of events in partnership with LCD Vision: video projection, projection on structures in relief (mapping), broadcast on multiple screens, streaming (web sharing tops-real), lighting and scenic installation .

Take advantage now of our turnkey solutions and our negotiated rates!

video broadcasting

Our team, supervised by an editor or a live director, offers you the means to transmit or broadcast your event.
From live broadcast, broadcast on giant screens to satellite transmission between your event and a point B (no geographical limit), via Internet streaming.

We film your events live and support their broadcast. You increase the visibility of your event and make it more sustainable.
At each event its broadcast channel. Choose, depending on your target, the appropriate delivery method and our team takes care of the rest. Our experts are at your disposal for a free study of your needs and will accompany you throughout your decisions.

We have capture equipment (multicamera with operators or camera turrets) but also devices for streaming or retransmission.
A turnkey solution is available to you! including recording, recording, encoding, transmission, broadcasting and editorial mastery of your event.

Examples of projects

graduation ceremony tse


The school Toulouse School of Economics under Prodigima deals with audiovisual production and delivery for the graduation of their Masters and audiovisual technical delivery of the conferences of the school.
For the 2017 edition, Prodigima took charge of the Live technical delivery of the ceremony (lighting, sound, capture, live broadcast by multi-camera video projection, recording etc.) and the production of a Teasing film for the promotion of school.

video transmission - docking atv-5


This CNES DOCKING ATV-5 program was supervised and written by Prodigima. Its implementation, entrusted to Master Films, brought a novelty in this kind of program. Prodigima is proud to have imagined a multi-channel program broadcast live on Youtube, thus allowing Internet users to switch between the different “Live” cameras: control room, comments, topics, live shots from space and the ISS, 3D Live animation of the trajectory of the ATV. A great success. An unpublished show on the docking of the fifth and last European cargo ship at the International Space Station.
Prodigima also produced the subjects and duplexes broadcast during the show.

content creation

Our team, specialized in content creation, enriched and supervised by professionals from various backgrounds (journalism, directors (sport, event, tv, documentaries …) is at the disposal of all your events to feed their content. , to the voice-over of animation or to the animator, through the jingles, the films of animations, the interviews or duplex live, our team takes care of the creation of the content decided upstream during the establishment of the driver.


During your events on your products, your values, your projects, your needs etc.


On your company, your projects, your ethics etc. (during an inauguration or a product launch …)


By communicating, the ideal way to unite your partners


Your prospects and your customers with new events

Examples of projects

interactive production airbus


At the request of Airbus ACJ, LCD Vision and Prodigima co-produced an interactive film for the ACJ Forum 2019 conference in Singapore.
A production featuring Airbus staff in a “cloud” environment in the form of a hologram, interacting with an animation on stage, during the projection.
This projection of a very particular format, 5400p x 1080p, is distributed by means of 3 retro-projection laser projectors.
This production will have required a month of 2D computer graphics and the shooting of sequences “interpreted” in the studio, with a particular device, on 15 linear meters of background of incrustation and simultaneous camera movements with the character.

flight safety – harry nelson


Executive production of a 4K wide screen film, on behalf of Airbus, under the direction of LCD Vision. An unprecedented interactive presentation, produced on a green background, to embed the speakers in a futuristic space environment. Our team has processed and popularized the information, created 2D infographics for the dynamic display of the presentation and created a 3D spaceship cockpit environment.

the night of mapping


Sample film to express our abilities to produce and perform 3D Mapping services. Prodigima and LCD Vision organized The Night of Mapping to invite customers and partners to a convivial evening, punctuated by architectural projections on an industrial building. A real success, to relive in pictures!

el niño – à l’endroit, à l’envers


The company Master Films and Prodigima have jointly responded to the city of space’s offer for the realization of an exhibition on the theme El Niño. Master Films was prime contractor for this exhibition and Prodigima was in charge of creating and producing the content. Our team has written the scenario of this dual-screen animation, video-projected simultaneously and interacting on the floor and on a wall. With a spatialized sound and a response between the projections on the ground and the images of the wall, this presentation is an unpublished tool of popularization on the El Nino climatological phenomenon. Presented in preview, in the biggest museum of Colombia, then at the quay of knowledge in 2017, El Nino – In the place, upside down is the proof of an effective and successful collaboration.


In partnership with LCD Vision

• event management 

Prodigima takes care of the event management and the delivery of your event.
The deployment of forces on the ground is not neglected by our teams. It is done before, during and after the progress of your project to offer you a turnkey solution.
Upstream our team is in charge of Installation, assembly and hardware tests and always offers you a technical spin to qualify and prepare your event.
We manage the capture or the live broadcast during the event and also the handling if necessary. Once the event is over, we move to the disassembly stage. Our teams put your home place back into its original configuration.

• human and operational resources 

We select the most appropriate team of professionals and equipment for your needs.
In addition we make sure to value the communication with our customers during the course of your event.
Whatever the field of intervention, our goal is to propose the coordination of the best technologies and professionals to create a successful and striking event.

Exemples de réalisations

club réussir's annual evening


Prodigima and LCD Vision co-produce the audiovisual production and production of the Club Réussir events. Content design, video projection, multicamera retransmission, recording and editing of an event film reporting events.

gravity premiere


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