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Business films

Corporate films, event recording, image bank management (video library and photo library), communication consulting … This offer is intended for major accounts, institutions, companies of all sizes and associations wishing to strengthen their audiovisual communication. Whether internal or external, your communication deserves to benefit from the latest technologies and to adapt to any type of modern broadcasting. A team of more than thirty professionals who master all audiovisual techniques is at your service. Got an idea? We make it happen!

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How do we work?

Prodigima Films assists you throughout the creation of your project



Prodigima puts you in touch with its collaborators. This first contact with the creative team gives place to an exchange of ideas.

Listening and Defining

Exchanges with the creative team make it possible to define your project better. This will also be the occasion for you to indicate your expectations, define your target and deliver your vision of the project.

Establishing the intentions

This step justifies the choices and bases of the author. Details are given on the subject and on the participants. The validation of this step forms the basis for the scenario.


A final estimate is made after validation of the previous steps. After reflection and study of the file, the costing allows to budget precisely your project. Once signed, production can begin.



Spotting the different shooting places allows the technical team to prepare as well as possible and anticipate any unforeseen events. This is a key step in preparing for the shoot.


Thanks to the upstream work plan, the technical team makes every effort to capture the images and the sound. The various technicians needed to make your film are dispatched on site.

Sound recordings

According to your wishes, a voiceover can be written and recorded by a professional actor in the language of your choice. The recording takes place in a sound studio.

Musical Composition

In order to give an identity to your film, we can provide for a composer who will specially create a musical atmosphere for your film. The musical theme, attached to your brand, is ceded to you without any limitation of duration. Free of rights music files on catalog are also conceivable.


Drop / Backup

Sorting in rushes and keeping only the essentials is paramount= ? before starting editing. In addition, Prodigima Films stores all the rushes in order to allow you to access them whenever you want.

Video editing

An editor manages and organizes the rushes in order to give meaning to the images shot, while respecting the common thread previously decided. This stage takes place within Prodigima Films itself. Our latest generation editing stations handle both HD and 4K. Titles, subtitles, jingles, generics are made after validation of the models and before the final delivery of the master.

Graphic Design

2D, 3D and motion-design are domains mastered by our collaborators and are at your disposal to enrich your professional projects. It is an indispensable tool for the popularization of professional concepts.


Once the film is edited, the images are analyzed and corrected if necessary in order to respect the colorimetric continuity of your film. Filters may be used to help shape the visual appearance of your film.

Sound Design

The sound editing( and mixing )will enable to clean and equalize the audio tracks of your movie. The atmospheres, voices and music are then integrated and readjusted in order to obtain consistency and the best sound level.


Technical performance

LCD Vision, partner of Prodigima Films, offers you different services: Videoprojection, LCD, event, UHD, 4K etc.


Whatever your broadcasting platform, your film is encoded in order to be readable on the desired medium. The image and the sound of the film are therefore optimized according to the broadcasting technology, especially if there are constraints on the volume of files: the Internet for example.


Prodigima Films offers a streaming service for web capture with a player that can be integrated into your website. A live transmission of one or more video streams and sound is possible.

Live / Transmission

This section proposes a multi-camera capturing service with directing and live broadcast on internet (on giant screens) and / or satellite transmission on another website of your choice anywhere in the world.