Our ethics charter

PRODIGIMA FILMS is a modern, responsible and committed company.

Job creation

Because audiovisual is a teamwork, we are committed to hiring, for each position, a professional expert in his field.

Professionals from the region

We are hiring local. The professionals we hire (with very few exceptions) are all residents of the Occitania region.


Prodigima Films has its own vision of current advertising. We don’t produce television advertising, but only promotional.

Creative Process

First, we elaborate  a statement of intent. It is a summary of your expectations, a summary of the idea we propose and which will lead to a scenario, a technical description, a calendar and an estimation of the budget. We never charge the statement of intent to our clients. It is after validation of this note and the budget that our directors will use all their energy and creativity to submit a scenario that conveys with accuracy and fidelity the message that you wish to share. After some other validations, the Production teams come in action. This  internal department manages all the administrative and financial aspects. Our production managers govern and coordinate all the hidden parts of the iceberg so that your project is realized in the most optimal and professional conditions. At Prodigima Films, we make it a point of honor to clarify and simplify the collaboration we have together. This is the guarantee that you are accompanied by an organized, serious and competent structure. The technical teams are then put into action to make your film in the best conditions. Next comes the post-production, final stage of the film. Editors, graphic designers, composers, sound-writers, voice-over, all creative ones will give life to your film. To complete our work on your film, we will deliver it to you on the support you request.

Nos moyens

Nos métiers