Our material resources

Shooting and lighting in all circumstances, mastery and use of the latest technologies, Live broadcast or Direct retransmission. Creatives at all levels of the production chain. Prodigima Films and its partners are able to answer all your requests. Do not hesitate to express your needs!

Video camera

Thanks to the latest cameras such as the Blackmagic 4K or the Sony FS7II, we provide you with high-quality images.

Shoulder camera

Whatever the shooting conditions,  our cameras are always adapted any type of shooting movements. We can therefore provide you professional images in all circumstances.


The combination of our advanced technology (4K) and our certified S1 & S3 collaborators allows us to provide you with spectacular aerial images. Thus, the performance of our equipment adapts perfectly to your professional needs.


Prodigima offers you projectors for events taking place both indoors and outdoors.


In order to support and make the best use of our cameras, we have an important machinery part: tripod, steadycam, slider, hangers …

Rental of the film studio

Air conditioning / Loading and unloading docks / Tetra (2x32A) Semi-stage for placement of cameras / Black total Tray of 70m2 / Possibility of cyclo / background of inlay (green) of 35m2 350 m3 of studio for decoration or inlay / A lodge / kitchen (with shower)