The steering team


Founder and Director
Nicolas Baby

Nicolas BABY

Founder and Producer


Business and customer relations Manager

    Mailys RAGOT

    Production manager

    Elodie BRANSOLLE

    Communication manager

    Creative trades

    It All begins with production…

    Line Producer
    Finding financing, approaching broadcasters and writing production notes are aspects controlled by the delegated producer. He supervises in an orderly manner the period of preparation of a film.
    Executive producer
    Understanding the production chain of a film from beginning to end, the executive producer is often the link between the client and the technical team. In addition to setting up the various quotes, he knows how to define the limits of a project and participates in the good end of it.
    Production manager
    She is present in the preparation and production phase of a film. She combines relational and organization to manage, anticipate and plan all the essential factors in filming. Nothing escapes her.

    then the creative team…

    He or she is, along with the delegated producer, the first viewer of your film. With a careful preparatory work, the director develops and controls the construction of your project. It goes from the idea’s stage of the project to the filmic writing of it. He elaborates the scenario with the technical informations and by storyboarding. True creative, he adapts to your needs and your desires. On the set the director manages the artistic and technical team. His work also consists in directing actors, both on set and in studio for the recording of your voice-over. Finally, he oversees the completion of your project. At the editor’s side, he gives the rhythm and refines his artistic choice.
    The Assistant Director
    Absolute master on a stage, he organizes, plans and summons the teams. It is him who composes the work schedule and the service sheets transmitted to all the interlocutors of the project, including you, to move forward in rhythm. Real support to the director, he ensures that his artistic choices are respected and that all the materials expected from the filming are well realized.
    2D / 3D Animator
    He gives life to objects drawn in two or three dimensions. Once the scenario written by the production team, he establishes a storyboard to clarify and validate the indications then passes to the design. He is an expert in volumes, textures and perspectives working with great care. He uses his graphic expertise to help understand a subject.

    followed by the film crew…

    The operator chief
    In order to give a visual identity to your film, the D.O.P concentrates his work on the establishment of the right light. This is the person best placed to define the color space of your film. He is a privileged interlocutor of the director and they both colaborate harmoniously. His position may lead him to manage the technical team on the set (lighting technicians, cameramen, assistants etc.). On smaller projects, the D.O.P might be called to frame himself.
    Sound engineer
    His job is to bring back the best sounds for the editing. Thanks to his experience, he knows how to anticipate problems as well as maximize the sound quality of your film. The sound engineer uses a range of technical equipment to satisfy your demands. His presence is essential to ensure the high quality of your film.
    The reporter is the perfect collaborator to send out for news, reports or other various projects. He handles both framing and sound design, and provides with quality work over a short time.

    finally the post production.

    He works in collaboration with the director. His technical experience as well as his sense of rhythm make him the person most able to handle the elements captured during the shooting. His work generally begins with a phase of unraveling. Then the first steps of the editing are transmitted to you for validation. The editor finalizes the work by integrating visual effects, a titrations and any other graphic elements required.
    In order to respect as closely as possible the intentions of the operator in terms of light, the calibrator puts his technical and visual skills at the service of your project. He makes sure to give a real aesthetic continuity to the images of your film and may also make color corrections.
     The Mixer
    In order to obtain the best sound environment, the mixer corrects, cleans and equalizes the audio tracks of your film. He delivers a clean and adapted quality to your broadcast space. The mixer integrates and mixes any other provided voice-over type, which it can also record, music, sound design etc.